Monday, July 25, 2011

It's my birthday & I'll shop if I want to!

My birthday was this weekend.  My twenty-ninth!  I mean thirty third! Yikes! I had a wonderful time with friends and family this weekend and even had like 30 people wish me happy birthday on Facebook! This girl definitely feels the love!
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Back to my birthday!  On Friday night I celebrated with my 3 boys. Josh had had to work at the fire station on my actual birthday.  First, my favorite part. We opened presents!  Jakob was a big help as he pulled everything out of the bag for me and was just as excited as I was to see what was in there. 
From Jakob, I got a lovely fold up pocket chair. That he immediately wanted to use! It will be great for all the football practices we have coming up.  Thank you baby Jake!
From Nathaniel, I got a pair of pretty pink sunglasses, a 4 pack of yummy Starbucks Double Shot Espresso & Cream, and I rubber bracelet that said Proud to be an American.  Thank you Nater!
From Joshua, I got a pair of yoga pants, a tank top and new hot pink sports bra.  I recently started Zumba classes and need some workout clothes.  Thank you Hubbie Bubbie!
For dinner, we went to Villa Grande and had their table side guacamole! MMMmmmmm! And I had two of their large margaritas!  MMMmmmm!  I had dinner too!
On Saturday, my actual birthday,  the kids and I went to Stonebriar mall with my neighbor and her girls.  I went mostly to school clothes shop for the boys but there were some pretty good deals for myself that I just could pass up!  Like at The Body Shop, where I got two banana shampoos, two banana conditioners, a watermelon moisturizer and big pink beach bag for $19.00.  I actually saved $21.something.  That’s more than I spent!
We had lunch a Sbarro’s and then went to the Disney Store to “just look around”. Well, they had their Winnie the Pooh characters on sale for $10, and I couldn’t resist Eeyore!  

Later that evening, I sent Josh this picture in a text that said, “Since my real jackass isn’t here tonight, this one will do!”  Pretty funny, I thought!

After the Disney store, I got talked into buying a $299 flat iron for only $99.  And because it was my birthday, I got my hair done for free.  They showed me how to do these ringlets with my flat iron.  Also, my hair NEVER holds a curl.  I got my curled around 1:00 took this picture around 6:00 and Still Curly!! It actually stayed curly till I washed it the next day!

Our final stop was across the street at Old Navy.  I had a $15 off $50 coupon that I had received for my birthday that I fully intended on using for school clothes.  But, I cannot go in Old Navy and not look at the clearance rack!  I ended up with 3 shirts and some denim trousers!

When we got home the neighbor girls want me to curl their hair so I spent the rest of the afternoon playing hair dresser with them.  I never get to do that since I have stinky boys!  ;o)
After that we went to dinner with the neighbors, where I got this picture taken.

On Sunday, we went to the lake for some wake surfing and R & R. Then to my in laws to wish the best father in law in world Happy Birthday!  His is the day after mine!  I got a $50 gift card from them to Ebay!  Thanks Mimi & Papa!!  I have a serious Ebay addiction and probably need help.  But not right now ‘cause I’m "watching" a Canon SLR XTi Digital camera!  :o) 
I also got $$$ from my mom and from work. And I think from my Dad.  He called to say he mailed his card late, but there’s usually money in there!!  So, thank you Mama, Law Office and Daddy!

I had a great weekend and I am so blessed to have such great friends and a wonderful family. Thank you, Lord! You’re awesome!

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