Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

"On the morning of September 11 2001, 2,976 people from 93 nations lost their lives in New York, at the Pentagon, and on Flight 93.
Today, we pause to remember that moment of horror and pray for those left scarred by those terrible events."

We remember the first time we
heard the news.
We recall the first time we saw those images.
We remember the way our thoughts
and prayers were with those families
who lost loved ones.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them again today.

O God of Comfort – though the years have passed, you are faithful still.

Yesterday, today and forever; let your love and peace endure.

We remember those who survived.
We recall their heart-breaking stories.
We remember that their lives are forever scarred by those moments.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them again today.

O God of Healing - though the years have passed, you are faithful still.

Yesterday, today and forever; let your love and peace endure.

We remember the pain we felt.
We recall the bereavement and bitterness of the aftermath.
We remember that you are a God of redemption and restoration.
Help us forgive those who caused so much trauma,
and that we may find release in that forgiveness.

O God of forgiveness - though the years have passed, you are faithful still.
Yesterday, today and forever; let your love and peace endure.

We remember that you love the world.
We recall you sent your Son to bring reconciliation and salvation.
We remember your Spirit inhabits your Church.
Help us bring your comfort and peace to all.

O God of hope - though the years have passed, you are faithful still.

Yesterday, today and forever; let your love and peace endure.


Monday, September 10, 2012

You are Equipped

“Every Scripture is God-breathed...so that the man of God may be complete and proficient, well fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
(2 Timothy 3:16–17, AMP)

God has equipped you with everything you need to fulfill your destiny through His Word. That means you are well able to do what He has called you to do. You can accomplish your goals. You can fulfill your dreams! You have the ideas, the creativity, and talent to be successful. You can overcome any obstacle. You’ve been armed with strength for every battle.

Not only has God equipped you, but He is also working on your behalf. He has already gone before you and lined up the right people and the right opportunities. You have everything you need to live a victorious life — you were created to excel!

You may not have seen it in the past, but if you’ll stay in faith, it’s just a matter of time; victory is on its way. Don’t settle where you are. Don’t have a weak, defeated mentality. Have the attitude, “I am anointed. I can accomplish my dreams. I can overcome any obstacle. I am empowered by the Creator of the universe, and I am thoroughly equipped for every good work that God has called me to!”

Heavenly Father, thank You for equipping me. Thank You for empowering me. Help me to stay focused on Your Word and Your plan for me today. Help me to walk in Your anointing so that I can do all You’ve called me to do. I bless You today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

(Courtesy of Today's Word with Joel & Victoria Osteen)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Hero

I had a phone call yesterday with a friend. A normal phone call turned into an opportunity to lift someone up, to praise the Almighty and worship together.

This woman I was speaking to is an amazingly strong lady! She has gone through so much in the last couple of years. She like most of us has gone back and forth in her relationship the Lord. She told me she has dove in head first this time and she is seeing the difference. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you…Matthew 6:33

We talked a lot about how we are to be open and willing to receive God’s blessings. We are good enough to receive all of them. Jesus paid the price for us, with His own blood so that we can be free and enjoy all the blessings we have and those that are yet to come. If we come to God not expecting much we won’t get very much. But, if we expect all that He has to offer we can be showered with His blessings. Like the old Santa Claus saying, “If you believe, you receive.” I am thankful for the blessings that haven’t even been given to me yet. Thank you, Jesus. I know I can always count on you.

Last week, I was a little down because of my finances and other things (like needing a new water pump for my car, arg!) and my mother would not let me feel sorry for myself. She said, If God brings you to it, He will also bring you through it. He will turn your trials into triumphs. BELIEVE, Believe in him. He is the answer to everything. Well, I keep my head up… I prayed for blessings… I thanked him before they got here….And I praised him, when they did get here! Open your mind and heart to everything He has to offer. He wants to give it all to you.

My Hero is coming to my rescue. He’s coming to save the day.


The Teacher

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back To School

Well, yesterday I officially had a 6th grader and a 3rd grader. We figured up that the next time Nathaniel and Jakob will be in the same school, Nate will be a senior in high school. That's almost unimaginable.

Nate started middle school and when he got in the car afterward he said "Today felt like a week.". He was very emotional last night and didn't really want to go back today. I am praying the nervousness and worry away and praying that he is courageous through out the day. I told him, this is one of the many things to come that Momma just can't do for him.

Jakob got his lockable color box keys taken away and was sent to the end of the lunch line for talking! Typical Jakob!! Yesterday wasn't as bad for him, just boring he said. I told him that won't last long. Praying that he can stay focused and use that little mouth of his only at appropriate times! He's such a funny little guy! No doubt he was cracking jokes when he into trouble.

I saw this little prayer on Facebook yesterday and it just seemed to sum up my thoughts exactly.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, it's been awhile. Things are going pretty good at the new job and we have lots of new things going on.

You may have to excuse any typos or punctuation errors as I have given up (for the moment) and am writing today's post on my IPhone. I am having computer issues!!

I have a company issued laptop with all sorts of security settings. When I go to Blogger through Internet Explorer it says I don't have the correct browser. Said I needed to download Google Chrome. Did that. Still won't allow my to do anything. Said I need to allow cookies and enable Java Scripts. Followed directions and did that. (I think!). Still no work-y! Anyone out there have any idea what I'm doing or not doing that can fix my problem. I really want to get back to blogging. Help!!