Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here goes nothing.....

Well, here goes nothing. 

I am utterly and completely bored therefore I have started a blog!

First, I'll introduce myself. 

I am Terri.  Born of Bill and Annette in July of 1978.  I have two sisters, Becky & Christy.  I have a brother that lives with Jesus.  His name is Randy. 

When I was still but a child (seriously!), I met and fell in love with my husband Joshua.  We eloped when I was 18 years and he was 22.  After, getting our marriage certificate, we looked in the phone book for a Justice of the Peace. Found one that worked on the square in a frame shop.  His  name was Uncle Russ.  Very romantic, I know!  The best part (well not the best) was that I totally forgot is was my mothers birthday.  At least, I'll never forget her birthday! We will be married 15 years this year. That is a crazy long time!  Not always fun, but definitely worth it.

After several years of practicing, Josh and I finally made a baby!  Nathaniel Ellis, 9 pounds 10 ounces, 21 inches long beautiful (large!) baby boy.  Our pride and joy!  He's 10 now and not so cute, quite mouthy and pretty stubborn but I love him so much it hurts sometimes.

Not too soon after came Jakob Anderson Lee. 7 pounds, 13 ounces, 19 inches long beautiful blond headed angelic baby boy. Jakob was our surprise gift from God.  God sure knows what he's doing!  I cant imagine life without my baby Jake.  Even at 7 now, he still seems angelic. (but only when he's asleep!) Not really....he's the sweetest boy you'll ever meet.  And I love him so much it hurts too.

These are my boys.  Precious.


Vicky said...

Yay! I love blogs! I'll read it every day! Again, YAY!

Christy said...
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