Monday, September 19, 2011


So, I didn't post very much last week.  I have been a little pre-occupied.  It kinda dawned on me that my trip to Vegas for my 15th anniversary is only 3 months away. I have been planning since January.  But now it seems its just around the corner.

You see, Josh and I are re-newing our vows come this December 19th.  We eloped the first time and this girl has never really had a wedding.  I have the venue taken care of and paid for.  I have reserved our rooms.  I have dinner reservations.  But it's the play money I can't seem to hold on to and keep.  I was really trying to save up the whole year but finances just haven't allowed for it. 

I am so so excited.  I really can't wait.  We are staying in the newly renovated Riviera for 2 nights. Yes, very quick trip.  We have our vow renewal ceremony at 6:00 pm on the 19th, and then we are having dinner in the Monte Carlo at the Brand Steakhouse.  They have a steak for 6 for $300.   I can't wait to taste a $300 steak!!  It had better be good.  I also want to make time to go to the world famous Madame Tussaud wax museum.  I have alot of funny pictures in mind for this place!! We have invited my mom and step dad and Josh's parents to join us.  (We failed to invite them the first time!)

Being that this fun little hoorah is so close to Christmas, I have also had to plan for that!  As of last week, I am officially 95.999% done with my Christmas shopping!  I have a few things to still get for my boys, but other than that, I am done!  I even have stuffers! Yep, I am that good!! (No wonder I haven't been able to save any money!) I will more than likely decorate for Christmas on the Thanksgiving holiday and get that out of the way too.

So, I'm banking on a nice little Christmas bonus from the attorneys I work for and I have asked for cash for Christmas from my mommy. I am praying that's how it all plays out!  I am also praying for nice balmy December weather. Say above 50 degrees and no precipitation in site!  Joshua has to be back to work the day after we get back and there can be no cancellations, layovers or delays.  Please pray on this with me.  'Cause you know, "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." Matthew 18:20...

Now, if I could just lose the 15 pounds Ive gained this year before then!  :o) We will see!

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