Friday, September 23, 2011

Laughing Over Spilt Milk


Where no oxen are, the crib is clean:
but much increase is by the
strength of the ox.
~ Proverbs 14:4

My “crib” isn't always in order, but walk into my sister Bonnie’s house at any hour of the day and you won’t find a shoe out of place. Same with my sister Kathy, in fact Kathy told me yesterday that she “folds” her underwear before putting them in the drawer.

I like a tidy house, but with four kids around I don’t take the time to fold panties, like I used to. Actually I don’t think I ever did. But I remember a time when my husband and I would deep clean the house and it would look just as clean four days later. Those were the days before kids.

These days, maintenance takes more time than deep cleaning ever did. Ten minutes after I clean the house its right back where I started, unless I’m on them every minute, making sure they clean up after themselves. You wouldn’t believe what’s growing in a cup in our bathroom—gummy bears! Nathaniel wanted to see how large they’d grow in a cup of water. Apparently they grow a lot.

But I’m blessed.

Busy children trump an immaculate house any day of the week. Life is messy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Does it really matter that my carpet has a juice stain on it, or that my cupboard drawer no longer works because Graham thought it was a stepping stool? Things can be replaced, but nothing can replace the feeling of “home” that one gets when a house is bustling with children.

I see the importance of cleaning our homes, and believe that it’s an essential part of ownership. It creates a comfortable atmosphere for the ones that you love, and helps to bring order to your home.

But there are still those times when it’s okay to laugh over spilt milk, put whip cream on your chin, and climb up on the cupboards to roll dough with your mom. That's what living is all about.

You are loved by an almighty God,


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